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The Philippine Eagle Center is open everyday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
All proceeds of the tours will benefit the PEC and the conservation initiatives of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

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Meet our National Bird and tour the only breeding and rehabilitation facility of the Philippine Eagle in the world!
Be surrounded by an assemblage of flora typical of a tropical rainforest. Walk underneath the towering Lauan and amid lush foliage and get a feel of nature’s wild side!
Meet the PEC’s birds of prey on stump! From the White-bellied Sea Eagle to the Philippine Serpent Eagle to our national bird the Philippine eagle – learn about their unique characteristics.
This is where all the hatching of Philippine eagles happen – a landmark of conservation breeding.
Witness our birds of prey in action here during Raptors in Flight! Watch how they swoop down to snatch a prey or catch food in mid-air, this is where it all happens.
See the PEC’s variety of birds of prey in enclosures designed to help keepers bond with their birds for flight exercises and breeding.
See our feisty Philippine Long-tailed Macaques that are enjoyable to watch as they go about their day.
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